A Robot battle for card-gamers of all ages. It’s Bots Up!

Bots Up is a fast-paced game for 2-5 players, fit for family and adult game nights. Use ‘Bot Parts’ to build yourself the strongest Bot, and then send it in to battle! 

With clever skill, strategy, and just a teeny bit of luck, use your ‘Battle Cards’ to try to destroy your opponents Bots and become the last Bot standing. 

From the developers; 

“We started designing Bots Up on our honeymoon in 2018, tearing up notepaper to make cards whilst we sat at the bar. Since then we have worked hard to create an easy to learn, fun game that we think you’ll enjoy.” Matt & Rosie

I've played this with my 9yr old niece and my 34yr old partner and it was great fun every time. It's a simple game to learn but full of strategic opportunities that make it engaging and challenging. This will definitely be our 'go-to game' for the next holiday!

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