A truly creative waste of time by Just Paint By Numbers

I’m sure that everyone has wished they could paint at some point or other in their lives – there is something iconic, romantic and relaxing about picturing yourself at an easel, capturing a landscape or a moment. 

Well thanks to Just Paint By Numbers we can all live that dream. Their incredible product provides you with the paint, brushes and canvas that you need to create a masterpiece in the comfort of your own home. It’s basically colouring in for adults, but with paint! Just follow the numbers and you can’t go wrong.

They have a wide selection of subjects to paint, including holidays, animals, Christmas, music and cityscapes. They also provide a multitude of accessories if you want to level up!

As you purchase you’ll need to decide whether you want a temporary frame (stretcher) or not. I thoroughly recommend adding on one of the frame options, it’s a few extra pounds but will make your whole experience much more enjoyable.

I bought a couple of these in lockdown 2021 so we could do something with our evenings other than watch TV! Have a themed evening - play some classical music, pour a glass of wine and be artists for the night!

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