Air up – the future of water bottles

A revolutionary new way to hydrate, with flavour stimulated through scent alone. This air up® starter set comes with a charcoal grey-coloured bottle, as well as 2 Pods (1x Lime, and 1x Orange & Passion Fruit). Tasty, healthy, and sustainable. No more single-use plastic with this reusable solution!

How does it work?
Each Pod flavours at least 5 litres of water, and we’ve included 2 Pods in your starter set, meaning you’re already good for over 10 litres of flavour!
With the bottle holding 650ml of water, you’ll be able to refill your bottle around 15 times with just the two Pods included!

What an incredible idea! You'll think you're drinking squash, or juice, but actually you're just on good old fashioned water! It's H2O, but not as you know it - genius!

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