Become the person you most want to be with the gratitude list journals

The Gratitude List helps you focus on the good in life, become more mindful and live in a beautiful state.

With a simple structured format, the award-winning Gratitude List is designed to help you build positive habits, and live inspired.

The Gratitude List elevates who you are and helps you become who you most want to be. Create the live you want and boost your mindset, with the life-changing ritual of The Gratitude List.

Give yourself, or a loved one, the gift of self-care and joy.

The Gratitude List is a life-changing ritual that helps you live a life of success, fulfilment, and well-being.

Handcrafted in small batches, each Gratitude List is a unique keepsake you’ll treasure forever.

I was lucky enough to meet the designer of these beautiful books, who explained to me her desire to create a better dairy that encompassed wellness, inspiration and mindfulness. These beautifully tactile books feel good, as well as making YOU feel good - what's not to like?!

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