cooperate – the fast talking all or nothing team game for articulate people

CoOperate is an all-or-nothing team game: your team collaborates to predict – in 30 brief seconds – how many words you will shout out that meet one of the CoOperate challenges – then you’re off for ANOTHER 30 seconds to shout out the predicted number of words. BUT if you don’t reach that total – YOU SCORE NOTHING!

So what are CoOperate Challenges? Take it from us, they’re a perfect mix of rapid-fire fun; from LIST PLAY – which might be “fruits” to LINK PLAY – that might be, “movies then their stars” or LETTER PLAY like, “words starting with F and ending in T”?… and of course, a little DESCRIBING!

Articulate is one of our 'go to' games and has been for many, many years - so I'm super excited to give this new take a go. Described as 'Articulate's wilder, louder cousin' this is surely going to be a great addition to any games collection - and it's young person friendly too (12+)!

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