Grow your own Cucamelon with the Lovely Stuff Company

Cucamelons originate from Mexico and will produce masses of fruit throughout the summer. Their taste is a mixture of cucumber and lime. If growing in your garden, you do not need to worry about pests. They are also drought tolerant and incredibly easy to grow, which makes them perfect for kids and beginners alike!

Cucamelons aren’t the only option from the Lovely Stuff Company – if you like the sound of growing your own Tobasco Chilli Plant, Bonzai Trees, Coffee Plant or Unicorn Garden then click here

What makes us different from the other listings? Our seeds come from reputable UK suppliers and all of the box contents are fully recyclable. We also guarantee the seeds, so if they don’t germinate we’ll send you more.

What’s in the box?
1 x recyclable seed tray.
1 x professional soil pellet.
1 x wooden label stick.
1 x packet of seeds.
Instructions on how to grow and take care of your new plant.

I have NO idea what a Cucamelon is but I desperately want to grow one myself! The beautiful kits from Lovely Stuff Company are great value for money, hand-packed in the UK and everything in the pack is plantable or recycleable!

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