Help out solitary bees with the Bee Hotel from Apples to Pears 🐝

Use this easy to build kit to create a home for solitary bees and other insects in the garden. Fascinating to watch as bees lay their eggs in the holes and young ones emerge. Full instructions included and tips on how to use the Bee Hotel in your own garden. Gift of the Year Highly Commended 2020.

Solitary bees are easily overlooked but they are known to pollinate plants more efficiently than honeybees. 

They provide an essential pollination service, pollinating our crops and ensuring that plant communities are healthy and productive. Without them mammals and birds would not have the seeds, berries or plants on which they depend: in fact, approximately one in three mouthfuls of food and drink require pollination.

Another purchase that my niece's (7yo and 9yo) loved! Bees are so valuable to our world and kids are super-aware of this. The kit was challenging enough to be fun, but very achievable and a fantastic outcome 🙂

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