The First Ever Plantable Children’s Books from Willsow

The Books are made with special handmade paper embedded with real vegetable and herb seeds. When the paper is planted in a pot of soil, vegetables will grow from the paper, amazing right!

As well as seeds, recycled paper from postconsumer waste is used instead of glue or metal staples, 100% natural cotton is used to bind our books. This means that the books eco-friendly and fully biodegradable

We can all do more to help create a more sustainable planet and Willsow books help educate our future generations on the magic our natural environment has to offer. Making sustainability and recycling fun.

As seen on Dragon's Den, this beautiful idea has become a range of 5x books (and counting) that teach kids about the environment and sustainability, whilst then going on to teach them about growing their own food! It's genius, isn't it?!

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