turn your whole world upside down with the #upsidedown challenge game

Every now and again, a game comes along which is so ingenious, you just have to shout ‘wow’! This definitely falls into that category!

Put on the special goggles and everything you can see has somehow flipped upside down. All of a sudden, the most basic of tasks seem impossible to achieve. From filling a cup with water from a jug, to joining together two dots on a piece of paper, 100 challenges are included, but of course there is so many more you can create.

The goggles contain prism inversion lenses and that’s how it works. Huge fun, but please note that the goggles should only be used with adult supervision. Mind-blowing and brain-confusing, but enormous fun!

Every year there's a new viral game, last year it was the '5 second rule' style game, before that the ones that stretched your mouth open wide, and I'm sure that this is the next one - you can immediately imagine how hard, and FUN this is going to be to play - and event better, kids and adults will be on a totally level playing field!

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