what the f? hilarious party game for adults

Prepare for a quick fire quiz game that unlike any other! Instead of answering trivia-based questions, What the F challenges players to answer questions about themselves, most of which are rude, inappropriate and downright embarrassing! Whilst there are no wrong answers, all players not currently answering questions can challenge anything you say that they think isn’t true. Get the question right and you get the card, but fail to answer the challenge of another player and you lose it! The player with the most WTF cards at the end of the game wins. Do you have the bottle to share your most intimate secrets and snatch victory?


  • Hilarious party game
  • Players must answer embarrassing questions about themselves
  • Eight-sided die
  • 45 second sand timer
  • Four questions per card
  • Approx. 200 cards
  • Detailed instructions
  • For three or more players
  • Cards 7.5cm

Strictly 18+ this is a truly cheeky party game. It's a cross between truth or dare (just the truth bit...!) and Call my Bluff. If you're feeling brave and don't many a little bit of over-sharing, then this is the party game for you!

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