Zine making kit for the aspiring publishers

Grrrl’s zine kits have been redesigned and are now made from 100% compostable or recyclable packaging!

Born out of cancelled zine workshops and 3 nationwide lockdowns, Grrrl Zine Fair’s founder Lu Williams created a kit that contains everything you need to start your zine-making journey- or if you’re already a zine maker, materials to spark inspiration and limited edition Grrrl stationary.

Capturing the energy of why zines are so important to make, the tactical materials and beautiful colours and an exclusive sticker pack and pencil, these kits will make you fall in love with the process of making your own self-publication.

Perfect for those wanting to learn more about the history of self-publishing, this kit gives you the tools to have a go at creating a zine in the comfort of your own home.

This kit is suitable for all ages, with parental guidance recommended for young children who would like to use the Binding Kit’s, which contain one small needle.

Something different for a kid or teenager - a kit for making your own magazine. These cool kits appeal to all genders and are both creative, educational and inspirational.

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